Hi! Let me introduce myself.

I am Alex, I am a journaling enthusiast, digital creator, virtualization engineer, and small business owner. I live in a small country called Costa Rica, have a small dog called Toby, and love painting my nails, watching tv shows, and learning new things. 

I am a full-time engineer and still going to college for a system engineering degree, I know how crazy life can get and I am here to help as much as I can. Glad we can meet! 

Journal Treats was formed in July 2022 for the purpose of creating amazing and fun ideas and tips for all planning and journaling enthusiasts such as myself. 

I always wanted to share what has helped me grow in my career and university life and what has made my day-to-day a little bit easier but also more fun. 

Here at Journal Treats, we want you to have everything you need for your planning and journaling journey, whether you want to stay using paper or start using digital options, we are here for you to make the process easier.

You will find here so much useful information, some of which are…

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We know how difficult is to keep track of everything, so let us do the hard part and enjoy our products to make your day a little bit easier.