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  • Flowers GoodNotes Covers

    Flowers GoodNotes Covers


    You know what it’s like to take notes for hours and then forget about them. (It happens to us all the time!) With these colorful Flowers GoodNotes Covers, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your notes again. Keep your notes in order, and stay inspired with these floral designs.

    • A pack of 30 beautiful floral templates to choose from.
    • One A4 and one US Letter sized design in PNGs.
    • All templates are 100% print-ready PDFs if you want to use them on your physical notebooks.
  • monthly reflection printablemonthly reflection instant download

    Printable Monthly Reflection


    Get the most out of this new month with a monthly reflection. See what you accomplish this past month, what went well, and what you want to work on this new month. Check where your time is going and if you want to keep doing it and how you are going to put the best of you to keep improving. With space to add goals to get the most from every day, this is a printable monthly reflection that will help you see your next month clearly.

    • Monthly review of accomplishments and what went well.
    • Undated template to use at any month of any year.
    • Set where you want your time to go this new month.
    • Area for your goals and how are you going to accomplish them.
  • Printable Weekly Healthy Meal PlanPrintable Weekly Meal Plan 2

    Printable Weekly Healthy Meal Plan


    Keep your meal planning simple and quick. With this weekly meal planner, it is easy to organize your food and make sure you never run out of important ingredients. Use our grocery list to organize your shopping list by category. Remember, there are more than just 5 meals that you can make.

    • Lists all the ingredients you need for an entire week, with space for 4 meals (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks). Comes in two formats – Monday to Sunday setup and Sunday to Saturday setup, so you can customize it to what you need.
    • Features a list of groceries per nutrient category
    • Instant download and printable.